Hubbel Warehouse

The Hubbel Warehouse is where everything begins… and ends. To start its circular journey again. Time after time. The unique and beautiful aspect of the Hubbel is that it leaves no footprint. The building is recycled and rebuilt every time. With its existing parts. As soon as a Hubbel is no longer needed, we buy it back and dismantle it inline with our policy and store the parts in our warehouse for reuse in a new life. A Hubbel is rebuilt in a different form. Another location. A whole new function.

From Hubbel Warehouse to Hubbel to Hubbel Warehouse

We store every part used in a Hubbel. Carefully stored until we can use it for an extension or for a new building. Raw materials never need to be re-used and we produce practically zero waste.

Changing or moving your own Hubbel

Is your Hubbel no longer needed in a certain place? Perhaps you could use it in another location? If so, we can move the Hubbel and adjust it to your needs. If the function has changed or you need a different size that’s no problem either.