Hubbel small

The smallest variant of our unique, circular building system. Suitable for all applications, thanks to its element construction.

Hubbel medium

Looking for something larger than Hubbel small? Then we simply expand it. Form and function can be infinitely adjusted to match your needs.

Hubbel large

Do you have big plans? No problem. Our unique, element building system is infinitely expandable (or contractable) and highly adaptable to your needs.

> Element construction for the circulair economy

Hubbel is a unique and sustainable structure in the world of temporary building systems. Hubbel is not a container construction, but uses modular components – elements, in its construction. This means that buildings can be erected with the greatest possible differentiation. We can build or pre-assemble anywhere on site, usually without a permit.

> Element contruction

In contrast to container construction, element construction means that our buildings can be adapted at element level. Each Hubbel can be adapted in terms of aesthetics, form, function and dimensions. This makes for infinite possibilities. In addition, in most cases no environmental permit (WABO) is required to install the Hubbel building system. In cases where permits are necessary, e.g. local zoning plans, we can help you with your application procedure.

> Life cycle perspective

Hubbel is unique in the world of circular building systems. Hubbel leaves no footprint. Every element used can be re-used. We even unscrew the foundation. To prove our commitment, we buy back your Hubbel after ten, five or three years. The building will be dismantled and transported to our Hubbel warehouse. From here it will be refurbished into a new Hubbel to lead many new lives – at a different location and perhaps a different form, house style or function.

Hubbel is designed to be recycled, again and again and again… Want to know more about this unique, circular building system? Then please contact us. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

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