Circular and modular construction

Circular construction means that all the raw materials we use for Hubbel parts are used once and then continue to be used again and again. To control this process, ownership of the elements is essential. As soon as a Hubbel is no longer needed, we buy back all parts from our customers for 30% of the purchase price.

Using the world of public transport as an example; concessions are usually given for ten years. Let’s say a transport company purchases and places its Hubbel at a certain location for a period of ten years. After this period, the Hubbel is no longer needed as the concession is awarded to another transport company. In this case we would repurchase the Hubbel for 30% of the original purchase price. The building will then be dismantled in line with our policy and all parts will be returned to the Hubbel Warehouse where they will be used to create a new Hubbel, for a new location with new functions.

Achieve key sustainable objectives

Firstly, Hubbel parts do not need to be remanufactured due to continuous re-use. That saves considerably on CO2 emissions. Secondly, we counteract the depletion of raw materials. For example, if a building is demolished in the old-fashioned way, the parts go to the incinerator. When raw materials are burned, they are gone for good. With the Hubbel, we meet the strategic objectives of the Netherlands Circular in 2050.

Is building is this way expensive?

Circular construction is often seen as expensive. But it is an investment that pays for itself in the longer term. This is not only a financial consideration, our commitment to the importance of using high-quality raw materials enables ourselves and our customers to avoid producing waste.

What is element construction?

By element construction we mean that we work with standardized demountable parts. Together these parts make one building. We also call this modular construction. Unlike container construction, the Hubbel advantage is its infinite possibility to alter shape or size. Another advantage is that the building can easily be dismantled and rebuilt at another location. It can be refurbished back to new condition or include innovative additions.

Circular and modular construction with the Hubbel

The Hubbel is the solution for circular and modular building using elements. We are the forerunners of this concept. We can design each Hubbel in detail, for example in the corporate identity of your company or adapt it to your purpose or context. This makes the Hubbel a unique and sustainable business card for any organisation or company that wishes to achieve its strategic climate goals and leaving no footprint behind. Please contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer all your questions.