About Hubbel

Two architects began in 2008 with a small commission to develop a sustainable garden house for a writer. So that he could write with concentration, but connected by wifi to the world around him. They called it Hubbel because a Hub connects networks. In collaboration with BUKO, they built this first Hubbel and won the Building Holland Award in 2010. Hubbel was further innovated into the modular and circular building system that is now available on the market together with 25 manufacturers of Hubbel components.

Element construction gives more freedom

The Hubbel architects and designers opted for element construction because its a building system that gives much greater freedom than container construction. In future, companies can select aesthetics, form, function and dimensions to match their taste. This is virtually impossible with a rigid construction such as a container solution. In addition, the Hubbel leaves no footprint behind and a permit is seldom required. In the event that a permit is required we will assist in your application.

The Hubbel is designed for the circular economy. To prove this, we buy back your building after three, five or ten years. The building will then be dismantled in line with our policy. After that, all parts will be returned to the Hubbel Warehouse where they will be refurbished and made into new Hubbels, returned to their previous owner or provided to a new company at a different location. There is a no more sustainable way of building than investing in Hubbel.