Discovered there’s less space at your designated location or there should be more warehouse storage or more workplaces? No problem. Needs change and Hubbel adapts. When you invest in Hubbel you can add, change or subtract components or functions with the assurance of buying in to a sustainable system designed for the circular economy.


A place to wait for a bus or tram, a facility to quickly charge an electric car or bicycle, or somewhere for people to relax or have access to toilet facilities. Hubbel can go practically anywhere. Hubbel is a versatile building system designed for the circular economy, suitable for any function and customisable to your corporate style. The perfect, sustainable business card for any company or organisation.


Temporary Installation? E.G. for the duration of a public transport concession or for use on a building site?  Think of Hubbel. Designed with sustainability at its core, Hubbel is infinitely adaptable to fit any space or location. Using our system of modular elements to suit your function and style you can create a unique space that aids your functionality, storage or maintenance needs. For example, in a park to provide secure storage and workspace for gardeners or a place for visitors to shelter during an event.

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