Is there less space at the location where the Hubbel is to be placed? Or is there less space needed? No problem! Our building system has been developed especially for this purpose. We build with element construction so we can adapt your building to the desired size or to the space that is needed. Everything is circular and modular. That’s what’s so unique about the Hubbel. Surplus material goes back to storage in the Hubbel Warehouse so that we can make another company or another organization happy with a customised building.


The beauty of the Hubbel Large is that everything fits inside. It can be built as big as big as you want it to be. All kinds of functions can then be implemented. Ideal for a Mobility Hub with, for example, a restaurant inside. Or a spacious waiting room. Nothing is too crazy. That is what is unique about the Hubbel system. A circular and modular building system for every function and in every house style. It’s the perfect, sustainable business card for any company or organisation.


Is there plenty of space on site? Enough space for your employees, storage or energy facilities? Elementary construction is also suited to very large spaces. For places where companies can stay and grow into the future. And, should they want to leave someday they can do so without leaving any footprint. Hubbel Large. It’s a unique circular building system that can be placed in practically any environment: in the city, in nature or in a rural environment – Hubbel is not just for locations where space is limited. We can place the modular and circular building system anywhere. Moreover, it is designed for durability.

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