People can and do work just about anywhere these days. While it can be convenient it’s not always comfortable or private. And then there are the noisy spaces, being force-fed expensive food and beverages, having to log in to distracting social networks just to get online and spaces that often don’t even have the bare necessities you need to work efficiently. Fortunately, Hubbel has the solution.

Your workspace is waiting for you, as part of a growing network of locations throughout the Netherlands. Hubbel’s are cost effective and provide an efficient workspace with minimum hassle because you no longer have to worry about finding a space that is convenient, private and quiet. They also cut down travel time, which makes them much more environmentally friendly than traditional workspaces.

Using the Hubbel network is easy: you simply register, download the app, reserve your Hubbel and you’re all set! Use the app or check the website to see where Hubbel’s are located, which ones are free and for how long. It’s that easy.


Download the Hubbel app!

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